Are Cardio Workouts Needed For Weight Loss?
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Are Cardio Workouts Needed For Weight Loss?

This is a question that never gets asked therefor never gets answered. However, I’m going to answer this question and hopefully open your eyes a little bit about this topic.

Most people agree that cardio is the only way to get into shape. So by this, I mean the traditional 30 – 60 minutes on a treadmill running at a moderate steady pace. Or on an exercise bike or any other cardio equipment. This is not only a very boring way to exercise it’s also not an effective way.

You will not lose much weight if any doing this! Most of the lean, toned in shape people you see will not do any traditional cardio in their workouts. The reason is it’s a waste of time.

So I agree that we don’t need the boring traditional cardio, however, we do still need cardio. This may seem confusing at the moment but read on and I’ll explain exactly what cardio is.

OK so we’ve established that most people think cardio is running mindlessly on a treadmill for 30 – 60 minutes etc. Were going to know this as traditional cardio. If you are currently doing this I urge you to stop as you will not see results. Unless told so by your GP for health reasons there’s no need to exercise like this.

What cardio actually is, is any type of exercise or activity that strengthens the cardiovascular system. Basically, anything that gets your heart pumping and you huffing and puffing. So moderate steady paced exercise just doesn’t cut it. You want to be going for high-intensity workouts. This can even be done with weights. Everyone would consider this to be weight training but it’s still conditioning your heart.

If you try 5 minutes straight of body weight squats, lunges and press-ups with very little rest you find your heart racing, sweat dripping down you and trying to catch your breath. This alone at a higher sufficient intensity will be a lot more helpful for burning fat than the 30 – 60 minutes on a treadmill!

Or how about using a dumbbell or a barbell and doing clean and press. So you lift the bar from the floor to your shoulders, then lift overhead. Now, ladies if your thinking this is just for men your very wrong. Just use a weight that you are comfortable with. Now doing a hard set of around 10 – 15 reps you will again find yourself out of breath, heart pumping and sweating.

These are just 2 of many exercises and workouts you can do. So try and fill your exercises with this type of cardio, get rid of the boring traditional version. If you are not huffing and puffing after your exercise stop and think if your actually doing anything. Whether it’s worth all your time and effort. If you are serious about achieving your goals I urge you to stop with the traditional cardio and get into some REAL cardio.

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