Exercise at Home For Fast Fat Loss
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Exercise at Home For Fast Fat Loss

There are many options for those who wish to begin exercising and are quite open-minded about it. But for many, just being open-minded is not enough. You also need to look at time, space, and equipment limitations as well. Working out at home is not as difficult as it seems provided you are willing to be a little inventive.

For those with no equipment for various reasons, you have a variety of equipment-less workouts such as Turbulence Training, hotel room workouts, with only space perhaps 5ft by 5ft being enough to lose some of that pesky fat. Exercises like a Bulgarian squat (balancing one leg on the bed behind you and squatting down with the other), mountain climbers, push ups, planks and burpees are enough to hit pretty much any part of your body for a major fat blasting workout.

Once we begin to look at equipment purchases, the first thing to consider is how much storage space you have. For those with major limitations here, a kettlebell (KB) may be an excellent investment, but one thing I would advise ALL to consider is that when you really think about it, you can do most KB movements with a regular adjustable dumbbell, which means that a dumbbell set may be a better option for you. Another would be to buy a simple Olympic barbell. To those intimidated by the very sight of such a piece of equipment, I say don’t be misled by mental images of hulking monsters with ripped sleeves. The Olympic barbell can prove to be almost the most versatile piece of equipment you can buy. You can hit every body part you want, work for strength, endurance, speed, power, or any combination of these that you want. Chuck it under the bed after use – just don’t leave it there!

For those with an unlimited budget and huge amounts of space, of course, the obvious choice is to get a variety of exercise machines; perhaps a multi-station, an exercise bike, a treadmill, as well as free weights and a bench. Training routines are numerous and can be pulled off almost any website. But be careful and don’t jump into stuff that is usually promoted by the muscle rags; stuff that one will need a boatload of drugs to endure and recover from! Stick to the well known natural training sites without giving into those that would have to begin to doubt your abilities even before you have started.

A good starting place for natural training would be a site such as the previously mentioned Turbulence Training – an excellent place for lots of great information on doing at home workouts with a minimum of fuss and lots of great ideas.

All the best with your training here on out, and remember you’ve got all it takes to give fat the boot as long as you’re willing to get down and dirty, so get to it, people!

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