Beauty Bath Hair Care Products - Part 1
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Beauty Bath Hair Care Products – Part 1

Personal care products became an interest to me because of our brick and mortar hair salon business. All hair and beauty salons carry a selection of hair, skin and scalp products in what we call retail centers. They can be small or large depending upon the size of a salon.

When you study the industry of personal care you realize that products are available to treat the whole body, not just parts. It would be impossible for any salon, no matter what size to carry the thousands of products that are available in the open market of personal care. Even the big box stores could not carry all the products.

The overall situation boils down to do something for your clients and the people who visit the net to have choices other than purchasing from chain stores, or professional outlets that will sell to the general public.

Being in the salon business, it became apparent that people did not have a variety of choices unless they went on the Internet and this could be confusing because of the many on line outlets for personal care products. We decided to hopefully make it easier for a person to shop. We established a website whereby people can shop for their personal care products right from the comfort of their own home. We set up choices with companies that carry a multitude of products from A-Z, including all your name brand products and other specialties. Most of our outlets have daily specials, coupons, discounts and if you buy $25 to $50.00 or more you receive free shipping. In light of today’s economy we are all looking for savings and you also save on gas by shopping right from your home.

After a lot of research and making our choices of outlets it was apparent that we should go further than one website and break our choices into broader categories and they are as follows:

1. Name the product branded or artificial / synthetic because chemicals are added to their formulas. Part I

2. Natural Products (See Part II)

3. Organic Products (See Part III)

Artificial brand or product names (synthetic) include the addition of industrial chemicals for olfaction and preservation. People need to be made aware of the ingredients of brand products (artificial / synthetic) and make sure you read the label. If you are not sure about an ingredient, search the Internet or consult a skin specialist.

I am a direct example of what can happen when you think you are using a product that is not available to cure or treat skin or scalp problems. A few years ago I developed itching in my scalp and stomach area that was so bad that I wanted to grow an inch long nail so that I could dig out the skin. My personal doctor referred me to a dermatologist and guess what? Treatment is special ointments and shampoos that are prescribed to overcome the problem.

The long-term solution is done by not using free lotions, changing washing soap, changing hand soap / natural bath soap and do not use drying strips that should make your clothes bouncy and fresh. I have one repetition since then which was a mistake when our daughter came to live with us and she added one of the pieces when drying the clothes. There are thousands of personal care products that are sold freely and my favorite motto is, “Buyer Beware.” Companies make their products safe but you can always be the person whose body cells react to chemicals in a product.

There will be two sequels to this article – Part II – Natural Products and Part III – Organic Products. I would like to thank other professionals who gave me some background material for this article.

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