Take More Responsibility For Your Own Personal Health and Health Care System
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Take More Responsibility For Your Own Personal Health and Health Care System

We need to take more responsibility for our own personal health. Small changes in our daily lifestyle can have a major impact on our overall health. The concept of getting and staying healthy has evolved and has resulted in the flourishing of an industry known as the wellness industry. Most people realize that promoting wellness and living a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in avoiding illness and disease.

Wellness can be defined as living your life to the best of your personal potential. The main aspect of wellness is to take more responsibility for your health. It involves taking positive steps to avoid disease and change your lifestyle to promote health, strength, energy, fitness, and vigor. Eating well and doing regular exercises are considered the main elements for staying healthy. However, newer studies are showing that there are numerous other habits that also need to be practiced daily to stay healthy.

There are common-sense lifestyle habits and activities to be considered and practiced in each stage of your life. This can have a great impact on your overall health. As you age, your health will obviously deteriorate to some extent. The health care system does not truly promote health, as it is basically built around the illness. The health care system is dependent on the sickness of people. The health care industry has basically transitioned from a service industry to more of the trade industry. This is one of the main reasons why it is so strongly advised to take responsibly for your own health. If you live irresponsibly, there will surely be consequences.

The one most important thing to consider when trying to improve your health is to avoid junk food. The fast-food culture has been the main reason for the rise of illness in our culture. Our most common foods are overly processed and contain all sorts of additives that are known to be detrimental to good health. We have to eat every day, and the effects of poor dietary choices will eventually cause health issues. More than fifty percent of the world population lives with one or more known illness.

The health care system is obviously needed at times. However, we really need to consider taking more responsibility for our own health in this highly populated and polluted world and avoid needing the health care system when possible.

Rely on Yourself More and the Health Care System Less

Rely on Yourself More and the Health Care System Less

Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago but at 87 years old, he is still well today. His knees are bothering him but he manages to stand up at the net, racket in hand and volley a ball back to his daughters. Mowing the lawn, playing with the grandchildren and a game of pinochle round out his week. Somehow, he manages to get a hearty laugh every day as well.

What’s the difference between a dad and many of his octogenarian friends? Many many years ago, he implemented many parts of the new brain fitness thinking (without knowing it) that is sweeping the country today. If he instituted all of its elements, who knows, dad may be dementia-free today.

It was just a few years ago I might have thought 87 was old, but I have since learned that we have many ninety years olds among us and more than just a few hundred-year-olds also.

We are living longer!

But is living long enough? Don’t we want to live better as well?

It takes a well-balanced approach toward one’s health to age with vitality. But that approach has been taken away from us. More than fifty years ago, fast foods were introduced to our national family and we haven’t slowed down since. Now we get our super-sized portions through a window with twice the fat and half the nutrition.

If it was only an appearance issue it would only be half bad, but when we live longer lives more prone to disease because of all the fat in our systems, we tend to be miserable and frightened. Add to that the rising cost of health care and how it’s delivered and we are facing a tragic end. A physician friend of mine, Dr. Peter Weiss, wrote a book called More Health, Less Care that helps individuals position themselves to fight against such a tragic finale.

Basically, he says there is something you can do about the road your on, especially if you’re a baby boomer. Look at yourself and decide now to take responsibility for your health. You can build a small team around you that helps you with all your health plans. And it doesn’t need to end there. You can become emotionally and spiritually healthy as well.

Dad stayed in shape his whole life, ate a Mediterranean style diet, stayed hydrated, laughed instead of cried and generally kept a great attitude. If there was anything he could have done better years ago it would have been to stay more active mentally. Crossword puzzles are great but constantly learning new things is really the answer. What, you say? How about a new language? Or maybe a musical instrument?

Are you relying on the health care system to combat your health concerns as you age? Take a proactive approach to wellness and start getting into shape now.

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