When Sickness Creates Poverty!
Health Care System

When Sickness Creates Poverty!

Is there a health care system? What type of health care system is there?

If there is a government health care system it would have many floors, maybe more floors than the Titanic and the Hindenburg combined. There are always limits in such systems and they only cover a small number of medical costs. In some cases, it may only cover one or two scripts per month.

When sickness becomes costly!

Such a situation becomes crippling if a patient needs more than two scripts per month. There is emerging evidence that sick people are paying big money out of their own pocket for medications, even to the extent where savings for retirements being used and family homes sold to cover the medical costs.

Many people are totally dependent on drugs such as pain-killers, medication for blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping pills, etc. A new drug ‘Fapyra” recommended helping MS patients walk at a cost of over $500.00/month. Other patients being subscribed a drug “Modafinil” to control fatigue costing $200.00/month.

A recent health study has found growing problems with health care affordability. One patient told the study she had to sell her home when she fell ill, while others could not afford to pay for medication. Doctors and anesthetists charge large amounts of money where little if any could be claimed back from health insurance.

This becomes a situation where people forced into poverty by sickness.

Drugs are not a cure!

Most people are under the wrong impression and think that prescription drugs are the only cure for whatever illness they have. Drugs that don’t work are costly and give you life-threatening side effects. They never fix the illness itself; they only remove the symptom temporally. Finally, there would be a light seen at the end of the tunnel if drugs would heal an illness, but they do not heal anything.

In reality, as new research has again revealed, nature has provided the best substances for healing. This is nothing new; nature’s healing powers and remedies being used successfully since ancient times.

There are dozens of natural cures that could end your pain, make you healthy and shield from the disease much more effectively than drug medicine. We are the creators of sickness, the lifestyle we became accustomed to, all the wrong food we select and assume life goes on regardless. Well, it doesn’t!

Food – Illness!

Did you know that foodborne illness cost is one of the highest cost of health issues?

Exploring the health benefits of our food today is most crucial in correcting our diet for better health, or to deal with any health issues. Such health issues as high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular diseases, obesity and many more are all food-related.

Cheap high fructose, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners are found just in about every processed food. This includes diet food drinks, all soft drinks, and sodas. There is no extra cost involved by making better food choices only a little more effort.

It becomes a personal responsibility and education about the food we buy and the nutrition it has or lacks it.

Gradual Nutritional Intervention is the key!

Most of us are uncomfortable with changes, especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle changes in our every-day life. Therefore such changes are better made gradually over a certain time.

It becomes a matter of organizing your mind to organize your health. Think positive, avoid negative thoughts, and don’t listen to negative people.

Give your mind and body time to change! You may think this sounds kind of crazy, but your taste buds will change as well. By taking preventive action you will gain pleasure, peace of mind and improve your health.

This can open up a whole new world. Unfortunately, it’s a world that many people never get to know because they fail to take control of their own health.

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